It’s Launched!

17 languages, each with more than 5000 words, as 2-way quiz-cards, and that’s just the new add-on vocabulary builder!

We know that learning a new language can be a tough challenge, and that’s why L-Lingo is more than a software or language product; it’s our passion.

For a long time we’ve had to say that to become truly fluent in a foreign language you can, or should, use L-Lingo to enhance and improve upon any other tools and methods you may already be using.

Today that has changed, a lot.

L-Lingo Online is now capable of taking you from ANY level, all the way to fluent, in ONE product.

YES you should still use other tools too, YES learning to speak a new language fluently is still a challenge – and YES, you CAN do it! And now you can do it all in one place, online and it’s right here, right now.

Just click the L-Lingo logo at the top of the screen, and see how we’ve made it easier than it’s ever been before.

Let’s go?

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