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Creative Language Learning Series Inside L-Lingo

Our Creative Language Learning techniques and tips will boost your language learning!

If you’re tired of traditional methods like textbooks or flashcards now’s your chance to try something new, fresh, and exciting. You’ve probably never even heard of some of these methods, but that doesn’t mean these methods are not effective!

This series will tap into your inner creative power allowing you to unlock the full potential of your language learning abilities. There will never be a boring moment when you’re using this innovative series.

By the way, this series is written by Kiandro who joined L-Lingo recently and is a great addition to our team!

We will publish creative language techniques every week, to help you along your journey. You might even come across some entertaining, quirky articles from time to time. Below you’ll find our published articles and those soon to be released.

  1. The Blabbering Technique
  2. The Imaginary Friend Technique
  3. The Smoothie Technique
  4. Singing In The Shower
  5. Don’t Break The Chain
  6. How To Learn A Language With Immersion
  7. Unbelievable Language Learning Myths
  8. What’s The Perfect Language For You?
  9. Learn A Language With Friends
  10. Effective Language Learning – Maximizing Your Potential
  11. Is Time On Your Side? It’s Crunch Time
  12. 365 Language Learning Quick Tips
  13. Milking Your Conversations
  14. Language Learning Your CV & You
  15. Just Listen!
  16. R.I.P Paper Dictionary
  17. Living In The Moment
  18. Mistakes And Blunders
  19. Karaoke Madness!!!
  20. Survival Tactics 
  21. Zero Budget Language Learning
  22. The Hunt Is Here
  23. Why Did Kiandro Stare At His Sensei
  24.  The ABCs of Language Learning and Culture
  25. Escape Your Comfort Zone, The Zombies Are Waiting!
  26. Relatable Moments In Every Language Learner’s Journey
  27. The Imaginary Phone Call
  28. Fluency The Giant Of Language Learning
  29. Mood Swings
  30. Numbers Aren’t Real: Limits In Language Learning
  31. The Art Of The Scribble
  32. Get Lost!
  33. Language Learning Mantras
  34. The Language Learning Plateau
  35. Kinesthetic Language Learning
  36. Tactile Language Learning
  37. Reach For The StarsSoon to be released!
  38. Cooking Up A Storm – Soon to be released!
  39. The Optimal Flow In Language Learning – Soon to be released!
  40. Your Language Superpowers – Soon to be released!
  41. The Student Experience: An Honest Review – Soon to be released!

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I'm Kiandro, the content creator here at L-Lingo. I'm an avid language learner and culture enthusiast. Feel free to leave any comments or thoughts you have on my blog posts.

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