Finding The Right Things To Say Language Learning

Finding The Right Thing To Say- Filler Words In Language Learning

Filler words are the words that you use to give yourself time to think while in mid-sentence/phrase. You’re more likely to use filler words in the instance that you’re not fluent; however, it doesn’t mean that you’re incompetent for using them. Native speakers are always using filler words as part of their natural speech patterns.

Brain Farts Language Learning

Brain Farts In Language Learning

Brain farts are when your brain emits flatulence.  Okay, maybe that’s too literal to be considered a serious definition. To really define what a brain fart is, we have to get more metaphorical. So you know when you’re giving a…

Learn A Language By Getting Lost

How To Learn A Language By Getting Lost

Hey you, get out of town! No, seriously get out of town! Getting lost is one of the best ways to learn a language, not to mention acquire some form of temporary trauma. One summer day, I had been searching…