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L-Lingo Explainer Video

We have put a new video on our website that explains how L-Lingo works and why it makes learning easier and faster.

Have a look at it yourself and let us know how you like it!

Way to Go Burmese Program partners with L-Lingo

If you are in Yangon, Myanmar and want to have a great introduction into the Burmese Language, check out the Way to Go Burmese Learning Program from Language Maison. This program is specially designed for beginners who want to focus on Burmese speaking skills, and prefer self-learning but have little time for study or would just like to have a new experience! Part of the program is an introduction into L-Lingo and all participants get a free 90 days subscription to our online version.

Quiz Countdown Timer

It is scientifically proven that you enhance your learning by actively trying to recall words and sentences from memory. We have therefore implemented a countdown timer that delays the answers of a quiz question and thus gives you time to recall the word from memory.

By default we have set it with a 10 second time. In case you recall the word earlier you can just click or tab on the count down timer and the answers will appear immediately.

You can change the delay time or switch off the delay completely. You can also set it to “manual” which will remove the countdown and thus you need to always tap for the answers to appear. To make these changes, go to your account settings (click on your user icon in the menu bar on the top right).

New Looks / Content Maintenance

New Looks!

Today we have published a new version of our web application. You will immediately notice the new images we are using. We are now having a large image for each lesson so that you get a better impression on what we teach in that lesson.

We have also added smaller images on our retention section, indicating if there are words due for review.

Since the timely repetition of new words is crucial for your language learning success, the Retention Section will now be on top of the Lessons Section if there are words due for review.

Content Maintenance

With well over 100,000 words and phrases spread over 20 different languages, we know some errors do occur and so we have a special system to investigate and address them. Previously we need to manually enter your report but we have now integrated that system into our app.

So in case you find an error (like a spelling mistake or a wrong translation), just hit the “Report Error” Button in the Menu of the Review and Quizzes and let us know what you think is wrong.

We are periodically reviewing all submitted reports to ensure that our products are error-free.

As usual please drop us a line if you have any questions or something not working as expected.




Certificates of Completion

A few weeks ago we have introduced the L-Lingo Certificates that you get when you complete all 105 lessons with a score of >90% correct. We have now awarded a few and people have asked how these certificates look like. So here is a preview:

How does the certificate help you?

It is a great motivator to complete the course and to really learn the language. We all know how hard it is to stay motivated to study every day and the expectation to get a nice certificate at the end of the course can really bring you over the finish line.

Show the certificate to your loved ones to get recognition for your hard work and you can also add it to applications for Jobs or give it to your employer -especially if you work in an environment where knowing foreign languages is important.

How to get the Certificate?

Once you completed all lessons with >90% correct, send us a short message with your full name and we will then send you the certificate within a few days.

Learning Reminders

With our focus to ensure that our students learn languages effectively we are focusing a lot on keeping you motivated to learn consistently.

We are now offering daily email reminders. If you enable this free feature you will receive a daily email reminder indicating how many words you have due for review with a direct link into the application.

By default this feature is not enabled but you can either enable it with the switch on top of the dashboard:

Or if you have dismissed this box, you can also enable it in the settings. For this click on the new user icon on the top right and then settings. Here you can enable and disable all mailings you might get from us:


Combined Dashboard

We have just published an update to our web version of L-Lingo. The main purpose of this update is to make your learning more effective.

Retention of L-Lingo Words and Sentences

In each L-Lingo lesson you learn six new words. Some of these words are repeated in later lessons but there was no systematic repetition in place. Until now!

With today’s update, each time you complete a new lessons, the six new words of this lesson will automatically become part of our spaced repetition system. So the words will be repeated at increasing intervals depending on how well you know them. This will help you tremendously in remembering these words and increase your Retention to a great extend. This is why we call this section now “Retention”.

Combined Dashboard

Previously we had the Lessons and Cards section separated which we have now combined in one dashboard. With the new ability of L-Lingo to learn systematically the words and sentences from the lesson, it will be much easier for you to access it from a single dashboard.

Your Language Success -our New Mission!

Learning a language is hard work and it’s very difficult to stay motivated and have fun studying. Unfortunately most people do not complete their language learning program and give up too early. We at L-Lingo decided that this issue needs to be in the focus of our company and we want to measure our success depending on how many people successfully learn with L-Lingo and successfully become fluent speakers of the language they learn. In the coming weeks and months, we will add new features with the aim to keep you motivated learning the language.

What we have in mind:

  • Progress reports & certificates
  • Badges & awards
  • Notifications & reminders
  • Success stories of fellow students

In today’s update we have added a lesson meter, showing you how far you are through the L-Lingo Course. We are also offering now an L-Lingo Certificate for people who have completed all lessons. Just send us a message once you completed all lessons, after verification we will send you an L-Lingo Certificate of Completion -Free of Charge!

Please let us know what ideas you have to keep your motivation for studying!





Major Update of our Web Version

We have listened to you and worked hard to make your learning even better!

So let’s summarize all the new things:


Layout & Navigation

In the quizzes we have moved some of the quiz options into a small drop-down menu. This allows you to focus better on the words you are learning and you are less distracted by the menu bar.

Old Version:

New Version:

Improved mobile pages. If you use L-Lingo on mobile you will find it has now improved layout for different screen sizes and a new menu with easier access to more options.

Quiz Names

You will now see the names of the quizzes when you move the mouse over the quiz icons. So it is easier for you than remembering what the icons mean:

Add App to your Homescreen

If you use L-Lingo regularly on your mobile phone you can now add it as a direct launch icon to your homescreen. To do this, you must use Google Chrome as browser. Once you have opened the web-app and are logged in, go to the Chrome menu and click on  “Add to home screen” and then ‘add’.

After this you can launch L-Lingo directly from your start screen on your mobile phone, just like a normal app.

There have been tons of other small improvements being implemented. Please let us know your thoughts or if something is not working as expected!

It’s Launched!

17 languages, each with more than 5000 words, as 2-way quiz-cards, and that’s just the new add-on vocabulary builder!

We know that learning a new language can be a tough challenge, and that’s why L-Lingo is more than a software or language product; it’s our passion.

For a long time we’ve had to say that to become truly fluent in a foreign language you can, or should, use L-Lingo to enhance and improve upon any other tools and methods you may already be using.

Today that has changed, a lot.

L-Lingo Online is now capable of taking you from ANY level, all the way to fluent, in ONE product.

YES you should still use other tools too, YES learning to speak a new language fluently is still a challenge – and YES, you CAN do it! And now you can do it all in one place, online and it’s right here, right now.

Just click the L-Lingo logo at the top of the screen, and see how we’ve made it easier than it’s ever been before.

Let’s go?

Final Testing of Vocabulary Builder – Will Launch Within Days!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the ART-IQ vocabulary-builder is due THIS MONTH, and quite possibly THIS WEEK!

If you’re already a student enrolled for L-Lingo Online then keep an eye on the ‘News’ section of your dashboard

If you’re not yet enrolled, you should be! L-Lingo is the most advanced, effective and FUN language learning tool you’ve ever tried, and we’re about to make it even better!