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Lisan’s Epic Language Learning Adventure

Come come! Gather around little children. This tale will be an epic of the three great beasts of the L-Lingo Kingdom.

Once upon a time, there was a lone warrior who sought to learn all the languages of the L lingo Kingdom. He knew this would not be an easy task, but he accepted it to pay respects to the King, who spoke over some 50 different languages.

Equipped with his mighty pen, textbooks, audio courses, spaced repetition systems, and whatever else he could find, he took off on his conquest. Along the way, however, he would uncover the most challenging creatures he’d ever faced off against in his natural life.

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Language Learning Adventure

Lisan’s Language Learning Adventure

Signs Of Bilingualism

What does it mean to be bilingual? 

Unlike the complicated question, “What does it mean to be fluent?”

This one is much easier to answer…to an extent. Being bilingual means that you have some degree of proficiency in two languages. This includes but is not limited to daily conversations, expressing emotions, engaging in debates, and being able to use and understand core concepts. 

Becoming bilingual is the first step to becoming multilingual. It’s a significant stepping stone, and successfully mastering the ability to flip between two languages on a whims notice is a big deal. 

We’ve already covered multiple topics on how to learn your target language more effectively, so in this article, we’ll be discussing telltale signs of bilingualism. 

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Crafting Your Style

What does it mean to craft your style in language? To craft your style means to create a style of language that is specific to you. Everybody has their unique patterns of speech; there are words that we say more than others and certain gestures that we do when speaking. Our way of expression is connected to our personality, and we can even connect your personality in the other languages that you learn.

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Brain Farts

Brain farts are when your brain emits flatulence.  Okay, maybe that’s too literal to be considered a serious definition. To really define what a brain fart is, we have to get more metaphorical.

So you know when you’re giving a speech or talking in long, exasperated breaths of information and then suddenly, your brain freezes? That’s a brain fart. It’s as if your brain just gets built up with gas and needs to release it before continuing the spew of information.

In this article, we’ll be discussing brain farts in language learning, what to do when they happen, and how to learn from them.

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The Optimal Flow

Do you wish, you could learn a hard language effortless and just on-the-fly? In this L-lingo premium article, we’ll be discussing an immensely powerful method of thought that can be used to achieve anything in life. The mind is powerful, and learning how to use it to its full extent will put you in the highest realms of language learning. Read more of this detailed article by clicking here.

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Cooking Up A Storm

Grab your spatulas and head on down to the kitchen! This week we’ll be learning how to cook in your target language.  In this article we will guide you through the super market, kitchen, and lead you to the dinner table. By the time you’re done reading this info packed article, you’ll see your kitchen in a completely different light! Read ‘Cooking Up A Storm’, now.


An Honest Student Review From A Student Abroad

Hey, my name is Kiandro and I’ve been living in Japan for almost a year now as a graduate student. There have been ups and downs and a lot of curve balls thrown at me while I’ve been living in the land of the rising sun… or so they call it. I figured it’d be best to take a break from all the language learning articles and write something a bit more wholesome that could connect with our audience. So without further adieu please have a read of “An Honest Student Review”.




Your Language Learning Super Powers

You know… you’re pretty amazing. Even if you don’t know it. Some might even call you superhuman because of your superpowers. You’re probably thinking, 

“What does an average language learner like me have that’s so special?” 

In this article, we’re going to unlock some of your hidden talents so you can go out and show the world how powerful you are!


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Reach For The Stars

We won’t be in classrooms and lectures forever, but if you choose to be you may end up surpassing your teachers or “masters”. Like anything in life, if you spend enough time and effort on it you’ll eventually become a master. Language learning is no exception, although you’ll always have room for improvement.

But, this article will be a short and sweet guide for what to do when you reach that point in your language learning journey. Read Reach For The Stars

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Tactile Language Learning

They say hands-on learning is best. But what does hands-on mean in language learning? Tactile learning is a style of learning that associates input through touch via the physical sense. This kind of learning keeps us moving, active and curious of the surrounding environment. Albeit in language learning, this kind of approach might seem strange, but there are creative ways you can integrate it into your normal routine/method. Read Tactile Language Learning today!

It’s time to get your hands dirty!