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Falling In Potholes: Mistakes and Blunders

Every language learner who has ever achieved mastery of their target language has made hundreds, possibly thousands of mistakes in their language learning journey. The thing is, it’s all part of the process and mistakes actually do more good than harm for your language skills. The Mistakes and Blunders article will teach you how to become one with your mistakes and get the most out of their shameful, embarrassing nature.

Living In The Moment

Language learning isn’t always about learning words or drilling new concepts into your brain. In fact some would even say that’s not even half of the battle. There are spontaneous moments in your language learning which exist to grant you some leeway from the textbook nature of knowledge. Living In The Moment is a momentous occasion in language learning and should be treated as such. If you wish to know how you can achieve these golden moments then follow this link: Living In The Moment


R.I.P Paper Dictionary

Hey Language Learners! How is your resource collection looking? We usually have a few good things going for us in our language learning journey. To name a few there are; podcasts, flashcard apps, grammar & phrasebooks, but what about the one nobody really talks about?

Paper Dictionaries

This week’s article will be questioning the existence and overall efficiency of the classic paper dictionary. So when the moment comes that you need to search up a word, just remember this article.


Milking Your Conversations 🥛

Have you ever milked a cow before? It’s oddly satisfying, knowing that you’re going to get every last drop of milk from its utters until it’s ready to produce more dairy goodness. What if we could apply this milking logic to language learning? What if somehow we were able to milk our conversations rather than farm animals? This week’s article is all about getting the most out of your conversations in order to further enhance your language learning experience!


Language Learning, Your CV & You

There are many benefits to learning a language, one happens to be that it is an amazing asset to have while searching for employment. Employers are often searching for well-equipped individuals to join their company or team, and having an extra language or two can increase your chances of sealing the deal.  Whether or not you decide to use your languages to your advantage is up to you, but there are some things you should know when applying them to situations such as job hunting. To read more about how languages can be beneficial to your career path and personal life click here!

It’s Crunch Time! Mastering Timed Language Learning

Have you been having trouble staying focused lately? We’ve got just the thing you need in order to get back on track in your language learning journey. But be warned, only the strong will make it! Are you ready to buckle up and crunch down with this high powered language learning strategy?! You only need two things to make all of this work, a timer and your undivided attention. Sounds pretty easy right?  Well, we’ll see about that – jump into our latest article here to find out more.

High Performance Language Learning

When we hear the word high performance we usually think of active, intense productivity. But what if high performance simply meant tuning into your environment, senses and the natural world to develop your input sensitivity? In order to truly maximize our language learning, we have to tune in to our senses both on a conscious and subconscious level. We are always using one sense or the other passively, but what if we became aware of the input we receive on a daily basis? Find out more by reading an inspiring article, High-Performance Language Learning.

Just Listen!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were able to speak a language perfectly, but not be able to understand a word of it? It sounds unthinkable when you really think about it! In this week’s article, we’ll take a look at the most important component of language learning, listening! And when I say most important, that’s frankly an understatement, as listening is priceless.

How often do you practice your listening skills? If your target language is going in one ear and out the next, then you may want to consider taking a look at this article. You’ll be sure to gain immense value having read it!

What’s The Perfect Language For You?

If you’ve been having trouble finding the right language to study lately, then we’ve got you covered in this week’s article release. We’ll walk you from steps  A-Z to help you find your life-long language pairing. Just in case you missed our weekly newsletter, you can find the right language for you here!

Let us know what language you’ve decided to study this year or even just in general, we’d love to hear from you all!

Creative Language Learning inside L-Lingo!

If you read our newsletter and follow our blog, then you’ve probably noticed the Creative Language Learning Series . In this series, we explore innovative,  one of a kind language learning tips, tricks, and techniques.

Since we’ve been receiving positive feedback on the series, we’ve begun to integrate it into the Dashboard of L-Lingo!

This way you can access the articles and our creative quick tips that’ll  give you the extra motivation you need for your study sessions!

Quick Tips:


Links to our Creative Language Learning Series Posts:

Let us know how you like this new feature!