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Revive Your High school Spanish L-LINGO BLOG

Revive Your High School Spanish

If you’re reading this you have some memory of high school Spanish classes. More specifically you have memories sitting either in the front or back of the class making your best effort to memorize vocabulary words and grammar. Now, not all of us are the perfect ace student who can stuff down all of that […]

Accents In The English Language L-Lingo Blog

Accents In English: Playing Favorites

What Is An Accent? There was a time when I questioned my accent. All people have accents after all no matter the language they’re learning. But what exactly is an accent? Put simply an accent can be defined as a group of speech patterns and sounds that define your overall pronunciation of the spoken language. […]

L-Lingo Learn Malay Blog

5 Essential Malay Greetings You Need To Learn Today

Malay is the official language of Malaysia. English is widely used in official affairs, and socially, Malay is the only recognized language in a governmental capacity. It is also a national language in Singapore and spoken in Brunei and Indonesia. An estimated over 290 million people speak it across the world, natively or as a […]

L-Lingo Blog: The Main Difference Between Northern And Southern Vietnamese

Should I Learn Northern Or Southern Vietnamese?

The Main Differences Between Northern and Southern Vietnamese There are many different accents and dialects in Vietnam. These are distinct dialects formed through centuries of varying cultural and geographical influences from Asia and beyond. Vietnam has a fascinating history where much of its recorded past sees it divided and ruled between North and South. As […]

Learn Thai With L-Lingo

Learn Thai With L-Lingo- The Best Thai Language Learning App Available

So you’ve been thinking about learning Thai? Good. The next thought you probably have is “What resources can I use to learn Thai?” Don’t worry you’re not alone in your Thai language learning quest. In this article I’ll be going over a brief background of Thai, benefits of learning thai, and some difficulties learners experience. […]

A Spanish Language Learner’s Journey To Fluency

Hi, I am Leah, an English Teacher from Los Angeles and I want to share my story of learning Spanish with you! I have been studying Spanish since high school but did not really start communicating in the language until living abroad in Spain. Read about my struggles and successes with Spanish — I also […]