L-Lingo Mandarin updated

After getting a great deal of feedback on the Thai Version of L-Lingo, we have today updated and re-launched L-Lingo Mandarin.
You can access it from this link:


The application will use the Standard Chinese font installed on your computer. We decided not to embed a Chinese font in the application. Because our application is around 700k and the Chinese fonts are roughly 15MB, adding Chinese font would have increased the loading time of the application by more than 20 times! You may wonder how our application can be that small. Well, to answer your question, this file contains only the core flash application loaded at start-up. All the audio clips and images are loaded on demand, and are therefore not part of the 700k file.

In case you have problems viewing the Chinese font, we also have a version that includes the Chinese font, but it will take much longer to load for the reasons mentioned above. You can access this version with the following link:


As always, please give usΒ feedback andΒ suggestions on how we can further improve this product.

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