Difference between L-Lingo and L-Ceps

A couple of people have asked, โ€œWhat exactly is the difference between L-Lingo and the L-Ceps Desktop Language Learning Software?โ€
The L-Ceps language learning software has been developed over many years and offers many features that are not available in L-Lingo:

– It is a stand-alone Desktop Software, and thus, you do not need an internet connection.

– With 55 lessons, it contains approximately three times more content than L-Lingo (please note that in L-Lingo, the lessons are much smaller than in L-Ceps).

– The quizzes in L-Ceps are more sophisticated and have features like Jokers.

– L-Ceps provides detailed statistics about your learning success.

– L-Ceps comes with a printable PDF textbook and PDF flashcards for โ€œofflineโ€ learning.

If you are curious about L-Ceps, please have a look at ourย website. You can also download a free trial there with all the features of the full version (but containing only a limited amount of lessons).

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