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The Language Learning Plateau L-Lingo Blog

The Language Learning Plateau

Learning a language is one of the most rewarding things you can do in your lifetime. Nevertheless, it is still a challenging task, and sooner or later everybody hits the language learning plateau. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and just like puberty– everybody has to go through it.  I’ve experienced at least 3 plateaus […]

L-Lingo Blog: Language Learning Mantras

Language Learning Mantras

This article will be purely motivational. Well, there is some reference to the law of affirmation, but that’s more metaphysical than scientific. Just in case you don’t know what that is I’ll explain! Think of this law as a guaranteed promise that you keep to yourself in the future. It is a wish that is […]

How To Learn A Language By Getting Lost: L-Lingo Blog

How To Learn A Language By Getting Lost

Hey you, get out of town! No, seriously get out of town! Getting lost is one of the best ways to learn a language, not to mention acquire some form of temporary trauma. One summer day, I had been searching for a Bonsai Museum on foot. I must have walked an extra 10 miles in […]

L-Lingo Blog - Learn a Language By Writing

The Art Of The Scribble – Creative Language Learning Series

Long ago on a mountain top far away, there lived a monk by the name of Kiandro. He was a master of many things, but at language, he excelled. His temple was one built entirely of scrolls [SCROLLS!!!??!!, WTF, what is that you might think – it’s just old paper guys, ok back to my […]

The True Value Of Human Language

Nowadays, smartphones are just an arm’s length away. It is easy for you to type a question into Google and have the answer explained in a myriad of ways, all in just a matter of seconds. This can often be quicker than the time it takes for a person to respond to a question. You […]

L-Lingo Emotions In Language Learning

Managing Your Emotions In Language Learning

There was once a time where I would learn new vocabulary words, just because I wanted to know them, and there was A LOT I wanted to know. I was happy, full of energy and big dreams. But that stage didn’t last long. I went through a series of emotional battles with myself and my […]

Fluency The Giant Of Language Learning: L-Lingo Language Learning Blog

Fluency: The Giant Of Language Learning

What does it mean to be fluent? This is a question that has been passed down through generations of language learners and polyglots alike. To give you a better idea of just how many people have given this word consideration, here are some explanations from ‘famous’ language learners, bloggers, enthusiasts: Benny Lewis – Fluent in […]

Learn A Language Using Your Phone: L-Lingo Language Learning Blog

How To Learn A Language Using Your Phone

Have you ever faked a phone call to escape an awkward or unpleasant situation? I have at least once in my life and as rude as it is, this strange technique has its place in language learning. If you remember our Imaginary Friend Technique from WAYYYY back then, then you’ll enjoy this technique as it […]


Relatable Moments In Every Language Learner’s Journey

I have them, you have them, everybody has them! There are moments in every language learner’s journey that can be considered “relatable”. Think back on experiences you’ve had so far in this incredible journey, do any of them strike you as déjà vu or give you the thought “wow, this must happen a lot with […]