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Language Learning Mantras

This article will be purely motivational. Well, there is some reference to the law of affirmation, but that’s more metaphysical than scientific. Just in case you don’t know what that is I’ll explain! Think of this law as a guaranteed promise that you keep to yourself in the future. It is a wish that is 100% guaranteed to come true, provided that you work with it instead of against it.

We’ve crafted a few inspirational mantras for whenever you’re feeling stuck or demotivated in your language learning journey. 

When To Use These Mantras

Generally, you use mantras whenever you feel as if you need them. They aren’t magic, but I guess you can say they hold the same concept. Whenever you need a kick in the pants or just feeling totally derailed from your language learning journey one of these mantras can help encourage you to get back on the path.

The Word Sage Mantra

Today, I will master the vocabulary in my target language as they appear. They will remain with me for a very, very, very long time. And if I happen to forget any of them, let that forgetful experience serve as a permanent reminder. This is my word sage mantra.

Undying Confidence Mantra

I will not hold my tongue when I desire to speak the language I have been so desperately studying. In the face of natives, I will speak bravely, remembering my purpose and reaffirming my place in the language learning community. This is my undying confidence mantra.

The Embrace Of Shame

This is my will. When I become embarrassed or ashamed of my language skills, I will not withdraw from nor will I fear my journey. This shame will be the fuel that will get me to the end of the long winding road.

The World Is My Oyster 

The day will come when I will take flight or sail across seas to my dream country. I will be immersed in that regions language, culture, history and I will use that immersive environment to further my reach in my target language. 

Continuous Dealings

I will not stop. I will not stop, no matter how hard it gets I will push through the walls that try to confine me and escape my comfort zone. 

Successful Future

I will one day use my language ability to find a place in the world that is right for me. I will secure a job, benefit the planet, and build relations between the people of the world using the knowledge that I’ve acquired. 

The Power Of The Word Will

These mantras all use the word “will” because “will” is a confirmatory word symbolizing action. There is no mention of the words: “maybe”, “should”, “could, “might”, “try”, “attempt”. All the words mentioned prior symbolize doubt and uncertainty.  

Mantras are not magic, they’re simply you’re will and your way being forced into existence. Well, that’s kind of magic I guess… The truth is that if you want something, and you truly believe that you deserve it and can earn it, then that “something” will be yours. Always remember that little fact and use it to create a few of your own mantras. 

We thought you might want a worksheet for this, but creating a mantra is as simple as saying the words “I WILL”. So have a go at it!

I will _______________________________________________________ .

I will _______________________________________________________ .

I will _______________________________________________________ .

I will _______________________________________________________ .

I will _______________________________________________________ .

I will _______________________________________________________ .

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