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4 Free Language Learning Resources To Use During The Lockdown

Language Learning takes a great amount of effort on the learner’s part. So using applications and web platforms are quite beneficial in lightening the load on one’s shoulders. In this review post, we’ll be listing 4 FREE Language Learning Websites and platforms you can use to study your target language while you’re stuck at home.

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Learn A Language For Free While In Lockdown

L-Lingo Free Language Learning – Effective, Fast And Creative

L-Lingo is a language learning website that takes a unique stance on language acquisition. Their platform features the Creative Language Learning Series, which is a list of innovative language learning tips methods to help a learner learn their language as effectively as possible. One of the major problems in learning any language is that people give up too easily. L-Lingo makes sure this doesn’t happen by reinforcing a positive mindset through their Creative Language Learning Series blog, and by interweaving helpful infographics throughout their mobile application.

Learn A Language Effective, Fast, And Creative
L-Lingo Free Language Learning

Features Of L-Lingo Include:

  • An Active Support Staff – Send them something about your language learning journey and you’re guaranteed to get a small gift.
  • Native Audio Recordings 
  • Spaced Repetition Flashcard System
  • Content For 18 Different Languages Including Malay and Burmese!
  • Mind-Blowing Creative Language Techniques
  • Quick Tips & Tricks to help you with your journey.
  • Detailed Grammar Notes 

Okay Is L-Lingo Free?

L-Lingo is FREE for up to 5 lessons. But you want to know something else? Recently they released a FREE 14 Days Stay At Home Language Learning course. The course features some of their best content, common word lists, grammar explanations, and an abundance of other fun language learning activities and worksheets. 

L-Lingo Health Care Workers 1 Free Year Of Premium Language Learning

During the COVID 19 pandemic, they are also providing all health-care workers with one year of their L-Lingo Premium package free of charge. The premium package is a huge step up from the basic plan. This language learning package includes over 100+ lessons of content, more than 5,000 words (with native audio recordings), and a phrase builder. To claim this offer email their customer support here  melanie@l-lingo.com with your healthcare ID. 

Free Language Learning During Pandemic For Healthcare Workers
Free Language Learning During Pandemic For Healthcare Workers

Duolingo Free Language Learning For A Lifetime

This language learning list wouldn’t be complete if Duolingo wasn’t on it. You’d have to be living under a rock as a language learner and not know about the mighty owl Duo. Duolingo is a language learning platform that focuses on sentence mining, spaced repetition, and the gamification of language learning as a whole. The language learning platform’s aesthetic is beautifully designed being tipped off by its soft shiny icons. 

Duolingo has a “tree” system wherein language learners progressively move their way along with the various aspects of their target language. Learners can choose to repeat the same lesson multiple times for mastery of the grammatical nature of a certain aspect of the language or move on to the next skill once done with the lesson. 

Upon finishing a Duolingo Tree, you’ll be awarded an online trophy of Duo, their mascot. 

Now let’s move on to the real question.

“Is Duolingo Free?”

Well, yes and no. As of 2017 Duolingo implemented ads and other restricting features to their application. While the language platform can be used entirely free of charge, it is not possible to bypass the restrictions without paying their monthly $6.99 Fee. But don’t let this distraught you, Duolingo is still largely functional without the monthly plan.

The biggest issue you might face is the loss of hearts. Hearts on Duolingo are the lifeline of sorts that supplies your lesson with “power”. During a language learning lesson with Duolingo, if you get something wrong, you’ll lose a heart. Lose 3 hearts and it’s game over. You can however, buy more hearts using lingots, and lingots don’t cost money – just time. You can earn lingots by completing lessons, maintaining your streaks, and completing your daily goals. 

Long story short, Duolingo is entirely free to use. 

Free Language Learning Duolingo
Duolingo Free Language Learning

Babbel 1 Month Free Language Learning

Babbel is another language learning platform that focuses on a kind of gamification language learning style. However, not so much as Duolingo. It makes up for this by immersing the language learning in input and inspiring them to use the output as much as possible. Babbel implements features such as:

  • Dialogue Training
  • Speech Recognition
  • Reviews Via Spaced Repetition 

All of these features are great no doubt, but what really makes Babble shine is that it gives learners a sense of instant gratification through the dialogue training. Dialogue training allows the language learner to carry out a natural conversation in an immersive recreation of their own environment. Babbel is top tier when it comes to this, and has received many positive testimonials. 

At the moment Babbel is offering a generous 1 month of free language learning to new users of the platform. Even if you are already subscribed to a Babble plan you can contact customer support and they’ll add it to your account with little hassle.

Babbel Language Learning
Babbel Language Learning

Rosetta Stone 3 Months Free Language Learning

Rosetta Stone is one of the world’s top language learning platforms. They focus on spaced repetition and the flashcard method. Rosetta Stone also has live language practice with their onsite tutors. After completing a lesson you’ll be able to schedule a one on one review session with a speaker and another language learner to replicate a kind of online classroom.

Other Features Of Rosetta Stone Include

  • An interactive software
  • Games & Community Boards
  • Usage Available On All E-Devices (Tablets, phone, laptop)
  • Audio Companion
  • Speaking Recognition

Alright Alright, Where’s The Free Rosetta Stone Stuff?

Rosetta Stone is currently offering three months of free language learning to all students. To apply for this package go on the official website and register with your school’s email address you’ll instantly be granted the 3 Free months, no strings attached. To sign up for the Free 3 Months Of Rosetta Stone, visit this link. Be sure to do so before June 30th, 2020.

Free Rosetta Stone For 3 Months
Free Rosetta Stone For 3 Months

Learn A New Language Today!

We hope you gained a deeper insight into free language learning apps to use during the quarantine. L-Lingo wishes you all the best, please stay safe and Stay At Home.

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3 thoughts on “4 Free Language Learning Resources To Use During The Lockdown”

  1. Duo rules! I’d been studying Chinese for about 2 year there, and that great site motivated me, in some way, to create my own small site, working as simple as 女+也=她.
    It lets everyone, even people knowing nothing about the Chinese, put Chinese characters together from radicals and get the English translation!

    1. I love the idea of radicals, that’s how I learned my kanji characters in Japanese :). Duolingo has also been helping me with the glyphs for Arabic.

  2. I got to know l-lingo exactly during the lockdown period. I decided, like many people, that it was a great time to learn something new and strengthen old skills. English is not my first language, but I think I’m making some progress. I also use other free resources now: http://worldmikel.com/links.html I especially like podcasts. It’s a great listening practice. I didn’t understand half of what they were saying before, but now I’m a more confident listener.
    I also want to start learning one of the Asian languages in the future and I already know that l-lingo and duo are great resources that give a good start.

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