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A Language Blogger’s Rant

Why Is Nobody Reading My Stuff?

Is this a normal language learning thing that all you language learners do on purpose, or is it embedded in the deep part of your psyche that you ignore all language learning platforms that actively come to you with a collaboration? I mean, we send you posts every day with this kick-ass language learning content that was thought of sincerely by a struggling brainstorming graduate student living in Japan, and yet nobody reads these blog posts?! Are you freaking’ kidding’ me?!

-An Opening Introduction To This Rant

Author: Kiandro, L-Lingo Content Creator

Me Stressing Out In The Student Commons

We Are A Small But Dedicated Team

Listen, folks. L-Lingo is a small team. We have three people working around the clock to assure that you have the most inspirational, compelling, creative content available and surprise surprise, nobody reads any of it. Let me tell you all when my fingers began to bleed from writing The Imaginary Friend Technique; I had tears streaming down my face because I thought, “Oh my gosh, this is freakin’ gold. How many language learners talk to themselves every day and only to have their words fall on deaf ears? Like only ALL of them.”

And then, there was the immersion method article I wrote, an amalgam of innovative genius infused with meaningful life experiences. But yet it fell deaf on the ears of language learners.

We write these language learning techniques because we care about our language learners. This is L-LINGO L, Freakin’ Lingo, the language learning platform that shares a special bond with its audience. You know, as language learners, we have to vent sometimes to express our frustration of no progress. So this is me venting at the idea of nobody reading these off the wall, amazing, uniquely written articles.

L-Lingo Language Learning Blog

When The Creative Language Series first started, it was nothing more than a pipe dream. But now it has amassed over 60 language learning articles, each one of them either focusing on topics of effectiveness, motivation, or immersive experiences.  I’m not going to be humble here. It’s, kind of badass, if I, the writer, Kiandro do say so myself.

So what’s the problem here Kiandro?

The problem is this content takes time to create. And I’m not talking about regular “I’ll just use an hour of my lifetime.” Oh no, I’m talking about “I have to spend one QUALITY hour to think of a topic plus another QUALITY hour to draft an outline and another QUALITY hour to write the content. Do you see that word QUALITY?  That means that this is top-notch, “You don’t see this kind of stuff anywhere else,” kind of content.

To The Language Learning Bloggers/ Youtubers

I’m honestly disappointed in all of you. Well, not all of you, there have been some faithful language blogs and websites that have been super cooperative with us, and we’re thankful for that. But for those of you language enthusiasts who I take the time to find, draft up a collaboration request and then not even get so much of a response or click back shame, shame on you all.

Let’s go over on what you’re missing out on by blatantly ignoring our blue and red obnoxious logo in your emails.

  • 18 Language Learning Programs
  • An Active Newsletter
  • An Incredibly Diverse Community
  • One Of A Kind Language Learning Content
  • Kiandro AKA me – The Bahamian Guy Living In Japan.

Please pay close attention to the last one, because that’s the selling point of our offers. Kiandro, or as I call him, me, has devoted an incredible amount of time and patience to L-Lingo. So much so that the first person doesn’t apply to him when he is writing these articles.

Okay, seriously, though, if I were to give an L-Lingo review as an outsider or someone wanting to work with us, here’s what I would say.

5/5 Stars

A Unique Language Learning Platform With Genuine Team Members and A Living Personality.

L-Lingo doesn’t just feel like an ordinary language learning website. Sure it uses a flashcard spaced repetition method, but this isn’t what makes it so unique. The key feature to L-Lingo that makes it so powerful is its community outreach. L-Lingo relies on the language community to improve, adapt, and learn new information.

You can tell this is true because of the content in the emails and in the articles and infographics they provide. There is so much creativity and personality within each article that it makes you wonder, “Just how much are any language learners capable of learning?” It was all you ever need to keep motivated throughout your language learning journey, and the L-Lingo team makes sure of it.

It is highly recommended!

The Message Behind This L-Lingo Rant

Just read the content and interact with us more. We’re practically dying to get as much feedback as possible from our language learners. But, that can’t happen if there is no “back” to the “feed.” The feed-in this case being the blog with over 60 different article posts.

Share our stuff to your social media pages even. If you haven’t noticed by now, our blog went through a massive style update (this update included social media buttons). So read and share, we’ll be waiting for your feedback in this ghost town of a blog.

Posted by Kiandro


I'm Kiandro, the content creator here at L-Lingo. I'm an avid language learner and culture enthusiast. Feel free to leave any comments or thoughts you have on my blog posts.

3 thoughts on “A Language Blogger’s Rant”

  1. I have to admit I was just on my phone and just scrolled down to check my email and I saw a preview of this and I immediately felt guilty😅. Sadly this is so true. I have to admit I do ignore your emails but not just yours I do it to all my subscriptions😬 but after reading this I realised just how much I have been missing out!
    I myself enjoy learning languages.(Currently I’m learning French, Spanish and Korean). However due to learning three languages at a time i’m really interested in finding the most effective way. Currently i’m trying the comprehensible input method but i’m eager to incorprate new methods. This is getting a little long… But all I want to say is thank you for your rant (I know i’m a little late to it though) ! I am now going to go through your previous newsletters and your blog more in depth😊. I just want to say thank you again as this is really inspiring and helpful^^.

  2. Dear Kiandro
    Thank you for your blog I too understand how frustration builds up around a wall of silence as I learn a language whilst immersed in a foreign culture. I go everywhere hoping to think aloud; one day soon to talk to myself in my target language.

    Thank you for your incredible belief and input without which I there would be no weekly letter via Melanie at L-lingo. I receive a big boost reading your blogs as though feeling some of your shared beliefs will rub off on me.

    I appreciate your winning ways at this time most of all because you give a meaning to the pain and frustration being felt around the world. Please keep up the good work and I pray for you not to despair. We believe in you.

    Thank you Kiandro, for being so good at what you do,
    Edward .

  3. I will say that your blog content is genuinely struggling to reach out to followers/members while retaining an authentic human touch (as opposed to typical corporate messaging). Parts of the problem have nothing to do with you or your content (which is good and helpful to learners who are in-the-zone). Email gets overlooked / scanned quickly because most people’s inbox is spammed so much even with junk mail filters and no time to read everything. The other fault is the reader him/herself who might be feeling guilty about slacking off from learning (me) and doesn’t want to be reminded so frequently…

    You are a good soul Kiandro, akin to some poets of the past, but cursed to use a medium which although scorned by many is to me far better than any of the alternatives like videos (too slow/too long) and sms (too short/too temporary).

    Life is struggle sometimes, it proves we aren’t dead yet.

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