3 Minute Immersive Language Learning Technique

How To Learn A Language In 3 Minutes – The Perfect Smoothie Recipe

Did you ever wish you could drink a fresh fruity beverage and instantly master any foreign language?

Go on… think about it for a second. By this point in the article you must be asking: 

Is this guy serious right now?

Well buckle up ladies and gentlemen you’re in the Creative Language Learning Series and it doesn’t get more serious than language learning smoothies.

How To Learn A Language By Drinking

Let’s give it a try shall we!


  1. Make sure you have some ice in the freezer – you’re going to need this to make sure the language stays frozen in your brain.
  2. Make sure the fruit you pick is ripe. The riper the fruit, the more vocabulary, and grammar you’ll acquire.
  3. Blend your ingredients using milk for about 1 minute. Using milk to blend everything reinforces speaking patterns and native accent.  
  4. Drink up, and BAM enjoy your new language.

Okay, how crazy did all of that just sound? On a scale of 1 to 10 leave it in the comments.

You can’t just drink a sugary fruity drink and learn a language, but what if there was a way that you could associate your language learning journey with smoothies?

This is the creative language learning series, so the main purpose is to naturally, be creative!

The Real Language Learning Smoothie Recipe

Well, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that this one works and lasts, but of course it takes much more time than 3 minutes.


  1. Patience
  2. Practice
  3. Confidence
  4. A love for the language

Steps For Making The REAL Language Learning Smoothie

  1. Pace yourself. If you don’t have any patience, you can find some at your nearest motivation store. It’s cheap too, in fact, it’s free. Go out and get yourself some. Patience makes learning a language a lot easier. Think of it as the ingredient you would put over stinky meat to make it stop smelling so bad. There will be times when your language learning stinks, and by stinks I mean it scents up the entire room. Whether it be your room, the library, or the classroom… the place is going to stink. Stink in this case is a metaphor for frustration and patience is the mediator. 😊
  2. Now that you’ve got patience in your blender it’s time to add some practice. Now you don’t just want any practice. You want PERFECT practice. Find the practice that is right for you and keep it consistent. If you forget to throw practice in the blender, you can pretty much kiss this whole recipe goodbye. Practice is a preservative, and it makes sure the other ingredients don’t rot.
  3. So great you’ve got your preservative ingredient in the blender what comes next is confidence. Confidence is essential to this recipe; it adds flavor and personality to the whole “drink.” Along the line, you’ll find that confidence will help you with speaking and overall communication in your target language.
  4. Sprinkle a bit of love on top of everything. Remember that the language you’re learning will become a permanent part of your life. Love is the final ingredient it connects everything you’ve learned, and like the confidence, it also adds a bit of flavor to your language learning. It’s more of a spicy touch rather than a sweet zing though.

How To Learn A Language Fast

This is the part where I add the disclaimer notice. Learning a language takes time so you can’t just throw everything in the blender and hit the ‘blend’ button. We all wish it could be that easy, but what you can do is let your ingredients set. And by ‘set’ I mean, allow them to ripen over time.

The more language learning input you receive the better the chances are for flawless output. Using the smoothie analogy, the riper the fruits, the sweeter the drink (in this case, sugar is good for you).

Worksheet: Making Your Personal Language Learning Smoothie

If I made anyone thirsty for high fructose, sugary drinks…good. Now is your chance to put your creative language learning and smoothie skills to the ultimate test. Try to make you own language learning smoothie recipe using the worksheet provided below. I’ll start you off with an example.

Feel free to add as many rows as you like to compliment your recipe. Everybody has their own process. By the way feel free to actually make this smoothie and drink it while you’re studying.

Check our Worksheet out to help you make your own personal language learning smoothie!

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