The Burmese Challenge – Invitation to Bloggers

The Burmese Challenge

Luke with his Goldenland Polyglot Blog is currently using L-Lingo for his Burmese Challenge.

He uses a two week holiday from University to learn as much Burmese as possible with our L-Lingo application. We are very excited about this since Luke has lots of experience in language learning and we hope that he can give us some good insights on how to improve our application further.

You definitely have to check out his Blog where he runs an online diary about his progress in Burmese.

Invitation to Bloggers

Since we learn so much from Bloggers like Luke on how we can further shape our application, we would like to invite all Bloggers out there to get in touch with us. We can provide you free ressources and are happy to answer all the questions about L-Lingo you might have.

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