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Creative Language Learning Series

The Creative Language Learning Series is a one-stop shop for all your creative impulses!

If you’re tired of traditional methods like textbooks or flashcards now’s your chance to try something new, fresh and exciting. You’ve probably never even heard of some of these methods, but that doesn’t mean these methods are not effective!

This series will tap into your inner creative power allowing you to unlock the full potential of your language learning abilities. There will never be a boring moment when you’re using this innovative series.

By the way, this series is written by Kiandro who joined L-Lingo recently and is a great addition to our team!

We will publish a great creative learning technique every week

  1. The Blabbering Technique
  2. The Imaginary Friend
  3. The Smoothie Technique
  4. Singing In The Shower
  5. Don’t Break The Chain
  6. Your Furniture is Talking?!
  7. Unbelievable Language Learning Myths
  8. What’s The Perfect Language For You?
  9. Friends with Benefits
  10. Optimizing Your Language Learning To High-Performance Mode
  11. Is Time On Your Side? The Crunch Down Method!


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