Combined Dashboard

We have just published an update to our web version of L-Lingo. The main purpose of this update is to make your learning more effective.

Retention of L-Lingo Words and Sentences

In each L-Lingo lesson you learn six new words. Some of these words are repeated in later lessons but there was no systematic repetition in place. Until now!

With today’s update, each time you complete a new lessons, the six new words of this lesson will automatically become part of our spaced repetition system. So the words will be repeated at increasing intervals depending on how well you know them. This will help you tremendously in remembering these words and increase your Retention to a great extend. This is why we call this section now “Retention”.

Combined Dashboard

Previously we had the Lessons and Cards section separated which we have now combined in one dashboard. With the new ability of L-Lingo to learn systematically the words and sentences from the lesson, it will be much easier for you to access it from a single dashboard.

Your Language Success -our New Mission!

Learning a language is hard work and it’s very difficult to stay motivated and have fun studying. Unfortunately most people do not complete their language learning program and give up too early. We at L-Lingo decided that this issue needs to be in the focus of our company and we want to measure our success depending on how many people successfully learn with L-Lingo and successfully become fluent speakers of the language they learn. In the coming weeks and months, we will add new features with the aim to keep you motivated learning the language.

What we have in mind:

  • Progress reports & certificates
  • Badges & awards
  • Notifications & reminders
  • Success stories of fellow students

In today’s update we have added a lesson meter, showing you how far you are through the L-Lingo Course. We are also offering now an L-Lingo Certificate for people who have completed all lessons. Just send us a message once you completed all lessons, after verification we will send you an L-Lingo Certificate of Completion -Free of Charge!

Please let us know what ideas you have to keep your motivation for studying!





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