L-Lingo for Android now available

We haven’t been updating the blog for a few months but this did not mean that we went on Holidays!

We were working hard on our Android mobile Version of L-Lingo and we are very pleased to announce that the same is now available in the Android Market.

L-Lingo for Android offers you a similar approach to Language Learning like our existing Desktop version.

So you could easily use the Desktop Version at home and then repeat the same lessons with your smartphone when on the go. Please note that the Desktop Version has still a number of features that -due to the limitations ofΒ smart phones- are not available on the Android Phone (like printable textbooks, flashcards, slow speech options). Also due to size limitations only the first 65 lessons are available on the Android Version. However all essential quizzes and the trainings mode are of course available.

You can download test versions for all our languages from the Android market. So you can test drive the first 5 lessons for free and see for yourself if you like our approach to learning an Asian language.

You can see all versions from below link. Then just scroll down to the free trial versions:


By the way, we have also improved the design of the App. Please let us know how you like it!

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