ART-IQ Step 1

Vocabulary Builder – Hard Decisions as We Move Forward

As we come close to launching the integration of a sophisticated vocabulary builder into yourL-Lingo Online lessons, we are being forced into making some tough decisions…

This new vocabulary builder will give our online students a massive boost in content, with 5000 of the most common words in each language, all pre-sorted for ease-of-learning and into logical categories!

It’s a huge and expensive undertaking and the first and hardest decision has already been made, and it means there is some sad news for learners of Hindi, Polish and Ukrainian. Those languages are just not popular enough to justify the high costs involved in this upgrade.

We really wanted to offer the vocabulary builder to students of ALL our languages, but with regret it is just not possible this year. We know that must be frustrating and we do apologize!

Those 3 languages WILL still be available at L-Lingo as normal; they just won’t be getting the new vocabulary builder feature.

Another tough decision is about user choice…

Let us explain what the new feature is and how the it works.

Firstly it is intended to accompany your normal lessons, rather than replace them. While you lessons show words and phrases as complete sentences and with grammar notes, the vocabulary builder is primarily about learning more words, as fast as possible!

It is up to you if you wish to use it before or after a lesson, though we recommend after, if you are doing both in one visit.

At the start of your session you are shown cards, one at a time, with a word in your native language or your target language on each card.

ART-IQ Step 1
Flip the card and rate your answer with the buttons below

You think of the answer, then ‘flip’ the card to see if you were right. You then rate your abilit to answer that card as Easy, Medium or Hard. If it was really easy you can elect to drop it (remove it from the deck).

If it was very difficult or a word you really want to learn fast, you can “flag” the card for earlier review

ART-IQ™ (Advanced Spaced Repetition – Immediate Quiz) combines 3 proven techniques to boost your memory. Step 1 gives you quiz-cards for reviewing at longer and longer time intervals, based on our advanced algorithm tracking your response to each card. This is because a series of reminders just before you forget something is the best way to build up a strong memory of it!

Step 2 gives you an instant multiple-choice quiz of the same cards, because answering questions correctly is also a proven technique, forcing your brain to hold onto the information.

L-Lingo Multiple Choice Quiz
An immediate quiz boosts your memory

In step 3 we give you immediate feedback on your progress, an established trick for maintaining motivation! The overall result is ART-IQ™ builds your vocabulary faster, with superior long term recall.

So the tough decision is should we give the user a choice over taking the multiple-choice quiz immediately after the cards, or make it part of the session so that the user cannot finish a session without completing the quiz?

We know the quiz will seem “too easy” but we also know it will boost your learning, so we’re debating how to proceed!

Do you want us to give you the freedom to choose, or to bully you into learning faster? If you’re already a student, please let us know your thoughts via your dashboard contact form!




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