New L-Lingo Design & Good bye Flash!

In the last few years, the browser technology has made great progress and as a result we are now able to give our users the same great L-Lingo Experience without being dependent on the Adobe Flash plugin.

We are currently rolling out a new web design and L-Lingo online application that no longer relies on the flash plugin. We have kept the structure, content and navigation of the web application very similar and thus you should have no problems in using the new version.

Although the new version will also enable us to offer the web app on mobile devices like Android or iOS, the current version is optimised for Desktop use. For mobile devices we strongly recommend you to use our native mobile apps.

As this has been a complete rewrite of the flash application we tested the new version extensively. However there still might be some issues that we did not spot. So in case you have any problems, please let us know at!


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