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Month: June 2010

New Version – Better utilizes your screen size

You might have noticed that L-Lingo always has the same size when you use it -no matter how high your screen resolution is. Although we had this optimised for the most common screen sizes, it did not work well with people having either very large or very small screens. With this new version, the application […]

How are YOU using L-Lingo?

Today, we got a nice email from Dennis who is one of our customers. Dennis raises some good points on how you can learn with L-Lingo and L-Ceps effectively and he gave me permission to publish his email here: “I have been using L-Ceps & L-Lingo Chinese Mandarin for about one month, and it has […]

Another L-Lingo update

Hi There. I just put another update online with the following new things: Design You will immediately notice that the application became more colorful. We have adapted it to the color scheme of our website and do hope that you like it! Here is a small picture with the old and new color scheme: Loading […]

L-Lingo New Release – Now with Quiz Flows!

We are pleased to announce a new release of L-Lingo. This new version of L-Lingo is designed to make language learning easier and fun for all of you Asian language lovers out there. Over the past two months, we have been busy putting up a better code base for the program making it ready for […]