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Why We Care About Your Portuguese Language Learning Success...

As your fellow language learners we remember what it’s like to frustrate native speakers by forgetting what to say, by failing to understand – and then finding that even the words we thought we knew, we’d been saying wrong! So we’re giving you the 3 most powerful and effective tools available, letting you learn more in less time!


Faster understanding and pronunciation skills because we use images and sound clips of native speakers in full multimedia!

More Effective

Rapidly pick up phrases and expressions with our carefully structured grammar lessons based on real language use and speech patterns


L-Lingo’s ”train and test” design is proven to be the easiest method of vocabulary building in a foreign language – ever!

What will I learn in the Portuguese lessons?

Our lessons cover all important aspects of day to day Portuguese:

  • Introductions & Greetings
  • How to order in a restaurant
  • At the Hospital and Medical Emergencies
  • At Home
  • At the Airport
  • At the Hotel
  • Colours
  • Food
  • At the Office
  • Professions
  • Numbers 1-9999
  • Clothes
  • Telling of Time
  • Animals
  • Meals and Cooking
  • Asking questions
  • Buying and Selling
  • The Body
  • Landscapes and Nature
  • Weather
  • Sports
  • Family and Relationships
  • Countries and Continents
  • Emotions
  • Money
  • Seasons
  • Shopping and Directions
  • Days, Weeks, Months etc.
  • Art
  • Materials
  • Present, Past and Future tenses

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Customer Testimonials

L-Lingo is a fantastic way of learning a new language and our users have proven that it's not only an inexpensive language learning program but a fun way to learn! Find out what other users have to say.


Truly amazing! I've learned more with this app in just a few days than I've learned with Pimsleur and Rosetta stone in months. Not to mention its only $20 and the other two cost hundreds. It makes learning a new language fun, I'm addicted!



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Learn por Language

About our Method

L-Lingo - Introducing L-CAT 2.0

L-CAT™ in Action

You need to remember the word for aeroplane. Immediately you remember a man in a blue shirt, next to a small white plane…

…you remember the Portuguese word easily!

Man and a Plane

Later you walk into a supermarket and see a apple. The correct Portuguese word for apple, pops into your head – instantly!

You know that word; you know how to write it correctly … and you know exactly how it sounds!

HOW did you do that?

Thanks to our connective audiovisual training (L-CAT™) you already learned it, simply by watching and listening during your L-Lingo lessons!

Easy, almost effortless, because you become immersed in the language…

Immersion Made Better

L-Lingo’s L-CAT lessons immerse you in the sights and sounds of the Portuguese language, as well as the written word.

However unlike other immersive approaches we never let go of your hand:

  • New Words are Introduced Carefully
  • Sentence Structure Builds Gradually
  • Grammar is Explained, Step by Step
  • Lessons backed by 5000 Word Flashcard Vocabulary Builder
  • Both Lessons and Flashcards feature Native Audio Recordings!

Each full L-Lingo lesson is carefully arranged, introducing you to new words, concepts and grammar in a natural way. Here’s the thing about grammar…

Grammar is Important, but...

…research shows that successful language learners don’t really study the rules!

Instead they absorb the rules of the language naturally, just by seeing and hearing it.

It’s very hard to learn grammar rules – in ANY language – in fact most people cannot tell you the rules of their own native grammar. They DO know if something sounds right or wrong though, and that’s why our main lessons use complete sentences.

Of course to understand sentences you do need to know the individual words first, and that’s why we have flashcards…

ART-IQ™ Flashcards made Fantastic!

ART-IQ stands for Advanced Repetition Training – Immediate Quiz.

Advanced because our algorithm quickly adapts to your learning style. It then calculates the ideal time delay to remind you of each card, which fixes the answer into your longer-term memory.

To boost your brainpower even further, your flashcard sessions are followed by a simple, multiple-choice quiz. This is because we know answering a question correctly is incredibly powerful for maximizing memories!

It’s the fastest, most powerful way to learn new words we’ve ever created!

So just how many words do you need to learn? Most authorities consider 2500 words enough for a ”fluent conversation.”

L-Lingo’s vocabulary builder gives you DOUBLE that, the 5000 most common Portuguese words, each pronounced by a native speaker!

The Secret that makes L-Lingo So Easy…

Because memory consists of connections!

Every aspect of L-Lingo is built around the science of helping you create new memory connections.

We even structure your lessons into clustered groups of words by subject. This unique combination of audio-visual lessons, word-clusters and the ART-IQ vocabulary builder, gives you multiple inputs and connections.

The result is your language learning is now faster, easier –and more FUN – than you ever thought possible!

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