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Why L-Lingo Cares About Your Portuguese Language Learning Journey?

L-Lingo brings a unique fusion of creativity, passion and experience to the forefront of language learning.
Revolutionize the way you learn through motivation, exposure and effectiveness!


We provide consistent, relevant guidance to ensure you stay excited and persistent throughout your language learning journey.


We ensure that you are actively engaged with your target language and creative learning techniques.


We focus on effective language learning strategies to make your journey easier. Everyone's learning style is different.

What will I learn in the Portuguese lessons?

Our lessons cover all important aspects of day to day Portuguese:

  • Introductions & Greetings
  • How to order in a restaurant
  • At the Hospital and Medical Emergencies
  • At Home
  • At the Airport
  • At the Hotel
  • Colours
  • Food
  • At the Office
  • Professions
  • Numbers 1-9999
  • Clothes
  • Telling of Time
  • Animals
  • Meals and Cooking
  • Asking questions
  • Buying and Selling
  • The Body
  • Landscapes and Nature
  • Weather
  • Sports
  • Family and Relationships
  • Countries and Continents
  • Emotions
  • Money
  • Seasons
  • Shopping and Directions
  • Days, Weeks, Months etc.
  • Art
  • Materials
  • Present, Past and Future tenses

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This is not to report a problem. I want to congratulate on this software. I just bought it to learn Arabic and is great!


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What Makes L-Lingo Different?

Powerful and Relevant Content

Have you ever opened a language textbook and read strategies to stay motivated and focused? Do you have lots of language learning material but aren’t making any progress? Techniques to learn and content to study.

It’s not unheard of but it is certainly rare.

We’re here to fill in that gap with tons of creative, informative content designed to build a foundation for your language learning journey.

105 Lessons to help you understand how the language works

These lessons cover just about everything from A-Z. If you’re a grammar worm you’ll be pleased to know that lessons are fully equipped with grammar notes to further clarify specific details of the language.

Experience Complete Immersion

L-Lingo’s lessons immerse you in the sights and sounds of the Portuguese language, as well as the written word.

However unlike other immersive approaches we never let go of your hand:

  • New Words are Introduced Carefully
  • Sentence Structure Builds Gradually
  • Grammar is Explained, Step by Step
  • Lessons backed by 5000 Word Flashcard Vocabulary Builder
  • Both Lessons and Flashcards feature Native Audio Recordings!

Each L-Lingo lesson is carefully arranged, introducing you to new words, concepts and grammar in a natural way.

Creative Language Learning Techniques

We infuse a learner’s creative power with mind-blowing language learning techniques. Language learning is a tedious task, and many people who start the rough journey, don’t make it through to the end. L-Lingo prevents this from happening by increasing your Motivation, Effectiveness and Exposure! These three things will guide you along the language learning path and keep you on track.

What's in the Box?

Articles: Informative blog discussing various language learning techniques and tips.

Infographics: Beautiful infographics to summarize our Creative Language Content.

Quick Tips: 365 language learning quick tips to keep you motivated.

Newsletters: Weekly Newsletter to keep you up to date with L-Lingo.

Real Life Experience

You want to know what’s so amazing about L-Lingo?

Behind the scenes are real life language learners just like yourself! We’re passionate and serious about what we do, only wanting the absolute best for those following a similar journey.

Often you may even find us sharing our own real life stories in a few of our articles. As passionate, motivated language enthusiasts we enjoy sharing those one of a kind moments you can only experience as a language learner. Read more on our blog.

It’s that human touch added to the application that makes the entire experience worthwhile and wholesome. The L-Lingo team is very responsive to any piece of advice, stories and even problems in the language learning community. We’re here to listen and assist language learners of all backgrounds, so feel free to contact us anytime using our support email.

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