The Free 14 Days Stay at Home Indonesian Language Course

Stuck at home? Now's the time to try our Stay At Home 14 Days Indonesian Course. We’ve designed this course to include some of our most beneficial language learning content.

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This is what you’ll receive:

  • Day 1: Indonesian Grammar
  • Day 2: Imaginary Friend Technique
  • Day 3: 365 Language Learning Tips
  • Day 4: Top 150 Indonesian Words
  • Day 5: The Comfort Zone
  • Day 6: Crafting your Style
  • Day 7: Indonesian Radio Stations / Singing in the Shower
  • Day 8: Cooking Up A Storm
  • Day 9: Indonesian Top 100 Phrases
  • Day 10: Blabbering
  • Day 11: E-Book Effective Language Learning
  • Day 12: Top 1000 Indonesian Words
  • Day 13: Mood Swings
  • Day 14: Wrap-up

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Who is the Indonesian course for?

We kept the Indonesian course unique and interesting for language learners of all levels (from “very beginner” to “pretty good”) ;). You will learn things such as language learning techniques, Indonesian grammar, and the most useful words and phrases in Indonesian. So if you’re worried about your level, don’t be.

Why is it an email course?

When it comes to language learning, persistence is the key. With the fourteen days email course, we space out the Indonesian content evenly to prevent burnout. This sequence keeps you a lot more engaged with Indonesian and opens you up to new ways of language learning.

Are you a Healthcare Worker?

That’s not all folks, in the wake of the pandemic, we’re also offering all healthcare practitioners 1 Year Of L-Lingo Indonesian Premium 100% free of charge. L-Lingo Premium takes your language learning to the next level by combining over 100 Indonesian lessons of essential language learning content. It even features a 5,000-word list and a vocabulary builder to help you stack those words up! Just send us a message with your hospital or clinic badge to claim your complimentary one year membership.

Are there any Strings attached?

Not at all! We at L-Lingo just want to give something back to people who are stuck in quarantine and a special gift to all health care workers! The course is completely free and you can unsubscribe at any time. We will not spam or give your email to 3rd parties

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If our Indonesian course made you feel some type of way you can share it by following the links below. Language learning can be loads of fun when done in groups. So feel free to invite your friends, co-workers or even family members here to try the Free 14 Day Stay At Home Indonesian Course.

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We not only focus on Indonesian words, grammar and phrases but also teach you some awesome creative learning techniques that you can use when stuck at home!