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Learn A Language With Friends

Learn A Language With Friends

Before we start this article, I’d just like to say that I’m single, but maybe one day… The term “Friends With Benefits” is a more modern term used to describe a relationship with the primary purpose of receiving mutual benefits. Normally it’s used to define a couple who’s only together because of one thing, whether […]

3 Unbelievable Language Learning Secrets Exposed

Firstly, if you read that title thinking you were going to uncover a gold mine of hidden treasures for your language learning journey, then maybe I ought to work on my titles. Unfortunately, this article is all about the ridiculous, far-fetched, unbelievable sources in the world of language learning. We here at L-Lingo want you […]

Learning A Language Using Your Environment – Immersion Method

Before we talk about how your furniture can make you speak Japanese or any other language, we need to look into the relationship between culture and languages. In any language learning journey, culture is a necessity for complete comprehension of the language, without culture, a language becomes sounds and gestures devoid of meaning. In this article, […]

L-Lingo Blog, Don't Break The Chain Language Learning Technique

Don’t Break The Chain – Forming A Language Learning Habit

What happens when we become demotivated and fall off track from our language learning routine? Well depending on who you are along with your likes and dislikes some things can happen. You start making up excuses for not studying You start studying other things all of a sudden (things that you aren’t interested in) You […]

Language Learning In Shower

Learning A Language By Singing – In The Shower

Yes, that title was not a typo. Today we will be covering the infamous shower singing lifestyle, but as always we’re going to throw a twist on things. We’ve all been there before, screaming our lungs out in a locked bathroom where nobody can hear our shrieks. But as tragically funny as that may be […]

3 Minute Immersive Language Learning Technique

How To Learn A Language In 3 Minutes – The Perfect Smoothie Recipe

Did you ever wish you could drink a fresh fruity beverage and instantly master any foreign language? Go on… think about it for a second. By this point in the article you must be asking:  Is this guy serious right now? Well buckle up ladies and gentlemen you’re in the Creative Language Learning Series and […]

Language Learning Imaginary Friend Technique

The Imaginary Friend Technique – How To Learn A Language By Yourself

Remember when you were a child and you used to speak to shadows and invisible people? Nothing paranormal or anything, I’m merely referring to the person or thing other people called your imaginary friend. And the reason I say other people and not you is because you wouldn’t typically refer to someone as imaginary if […]

The Blabbering Technique

The Blabbering Technique – Learn A Language With Dialogues And Monologues

Have you ever been alone and start muttering random gibberish? It’s more common than you’d think actually. Look back on a time when you were left alone for a brief moment of time and started questioning things. Did you find that moment? Okay good, now imagine if you were to transform that moment into something […]

Creative Language Learning

Creative Language Learning Series Inside L-Lingo

Our Creative Language Learning techniques and tips will boost your language learning! If you’re tired of traditional methods like textbooks or flashcards now’s your chance to try something new, fresh, and exciting. You’ve probably never even heard of some of these methods, but that doesn’t mean these methods are not effective! This series will tap […]

Learn The Burmese Language

Way to Go Burmese Program Partners with L-Lingo

If you are in Yangon, Myanmar and want to have a great introduction into the Burmese Language, check out the Way to Go Burmese Learning Program from Language Maison. This program is specially designed for beginners who want to focus on Burmese speaking skills, and prefer self-learning but have little time for study or would […]