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Month: August 2019


Your Language Learning Superpowers – Why Language Learners Are Cool People

You know… you’re pretty amazing. Even if you don’t know it. Some might even call you superhuman because of your superpowers. You’re probably thinking,  “What does an average language learner like me have that’s so special?”  In this article, we’re going to unlock some of your hidden talents so you can go out and show […]

REACH FOR THE STArs: what's after fluency? L-Lingo Language Learning Blog

Reach For The Stars – What To Do After You Become Fluent

We won’t be in classrooms and lectures forever, but if you choose to be you may end up surpassing your teachers or “masters”. Like anything in life, if you spend enough time and effort on it you’ll eventually become a master. Language learning is no exception, although you’ll always have room for improvement. But, this […]

L-Lingo Blog Tactile Language Learning

Tactile Language Learning – Creative Language Learning Series

They say hands-on learning is best. But what does hands-on mean in language learning? Tactile learning is a style of learning that associates input through touch via the physical sense. This kind of learning keeps us moving, active, and curious of the surrounding environment. Albeit in language learning, this kind of approach might seem strange, […]

Kinesthetic Language Learning

Kinesthetic learning can be odd and somewhat awkward in the field of languages. Before we move on what is Kinesthetic Learning? Kinesthetic learning is the act of using movement, and physical activities to acquire knowledge. It is the exact opposite to that of audio and visual learning. You may be wondering how kinesthetic learners fit […]