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Month: June 2019

L-Lingo Emotions In Language Learning

Managing Your Emotions In Language Learning

There was once a time where I would learn new vocabulary words, just because I wanted to know them, and there was A LOT I wanted to know. I was happy, full of energy and big dreams. But that stage didn’t last long. I went through a series of emotional battles with myself and my […]

Fluency The Giant Of Language Learning: L-Lingo Language Learning Blog

Fluency: The Giant Of Language Learning

What does it mean to be fluent? This is a question that has been passed down through generations of language learners and polyglots alike. To give you a better idea of just how many people have given this word consideration, here are some explanations from ‘famous’ language learners, bloggers, enthusiasts: Benny Lewis – Fluent in […]

Learn A Language Using Your Phone: L-Lingo Language Learning Blog

How To Learn A Language Using Your Phone

Have you ever faked a phone call to escape an awkward or unpleasant situation? I have at least once in my life and as rude as it is, this strange technique has its place in language learning. If you remember our Imaginary Friend Technique from WAYYYY back then, then you’ll enjoy this technique as it […]