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Month: April 2019


Confusion, The Win All And The End All

Have you ever been on the brink of a colossal discovery on your language learning journey and out of nowhere you hit a roadblock? The roadblock I’m talking about has many names, “uncertainty, indecision, hesitation, doubt”, but for simplicity sake, we’ll call it confusion. Confusion in and of itself is a massive deterrent for all […]

L-LINGO BLOG The Language Learning Adventure Game

The Language Learning Adventure Game

When I studied abroad in Tokyo, Japan 2 years ago I was the lone wolf of the group. Everything I did was done solo or with as little company as possible. It’s not that I didn’t like the group, but I just had the feeling that I could be doing more without having that added […]

L-Lingo Blog zero budget language learning

Zero Budget Language Learning

Language learning is a huge investment, but it doesn’t have to cost you a kidney! Think about it, how much money have you spent learning your target language? Combine the costs of applications, tutors, notebooks and everything in between, can you give us a price? Well even if you can, hold that thought- language learning […]


Survival Tactics In Language Learning

The other week I got an apartment for myself in the land of the rising sun. The process was much more difficult than I expected it to be and it took every ounce of Japanese I had to secure the 30-meter Japanese apartment. I can’t imagine how much of a train wreck this whole process […]