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Month: February 2019

Are paper dictionaries still effective?

R.I.P Paper Dictionary 💀 – Creative Language Learning Series

Some time ago I asked my cousins if they knew what an encyclopedia was (they’re nine by the way), and they stared at me like I had said some kind of foreign word. I couldn’t blame them as I almost had forgotten the word myself. I dare anyone of you to walk into somebody’s house […]

How To Improve You Speaking Skills

How To Improve Your Language Speaking Skills Instantly

The other day I went to the store to buy a new phone. Almost immediately I was greeted by a Japanese salesman who shot off a line of rapid-fire Japanese insisting that I check out the latest campaign. In an attempt to understand any of what this guy was saying, I started asking questions that […]

language learning and cv l-lingo

Language Learning Your CV & You – Creative Language Learning Series

There are many benefits to learning a language, one happens to be that it is an amazing asset to have while searching for employment. Employers are often searching for well-equipped individuals to join their company or team, and having an extra language or two can increase your chances of sealing the deal. With that being […]

Language Learning Tips And Tricks

365 Language Learning Quick Tips

Quick Tips Well, we promised you a 365 quick tips list for your language learning journey. Without further ado L-Lingo brings to you, the first of its kind, 365 language learning quick tips! Be sure to use these whenever you can to get the most out of your studies, and most important- remember to have […]

Pomodoro Technique For Language Learning

The Pomodoro Method For Language Learning

Recently I downloaded this app on my phone that tracks how long I’m able to focus for while doing various tasks. These tasks could be anything from work, studying, cooking, exercise etc. But, naturally, I use it for studying Japanese. The app sets a timer linked to a digital tree that’s meant to track how […]