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Month: January 2019

Effective Language Learning – Maximizing Your Potential

You know it’s weird how I forgot the Japanese characters for the word Gyoza until I brushed past a gyoza restaurant by the local station. I wonder what was it that made me remember the characters 餃子. Surely I’ve seen these characters multiple times, but what made me forget in the first place? Maybe I […]

How To Improve Listening In Language Learning

How To Improve Your Listening Skills In Language Learning – Just Listen!

Imagine speaking a language perfectly, but not being to understand a word of it, it’s literally unimaginable. Before we were even born, we were listening to language inside our mother’s womb. Even before we could speak our first words, we were surrounded by sounds.

What's The Best Language To Learn?

What’s The Perfect Language For You?

So, you’ve finally done it. You’ve decided to join millions possibly billions of other people on the path to learning a second, third, fourth or fifth language. Whatever number you’re on congratulations! You’ve established some sort of reason as to why you want to learn the language, but is that reason set in permanency?   […]

Learn A Language With Friends

Learn A Language With Friends

Before we start this article, I’d just like to say that I’m single, but maybe one day… The term “Friends With Benefits” is a more modern term used to describe a relationship with the primary purpose of receiving mutual benefits. Normally it’s used to define a couple who’s only together because of one thing, whether […]

Creative Language Learning inside L-Lingo!

If you read our newsletter and follow our blog, then you’ve probably noticed the Creative Language Learning Series . In this series, we explore innovative,  one of a kind language learning tips, tricks, and techniques. Since we’ve been receiving positive feedback on the series, we’ve begun to integrate it into the Dashboard of L-Lingo! This way you […]

3 Unbelievable Language Learning Secrets Exposed

Firstly, if you read that title thinking you were going to uncover a gold mine of hidden treasures for your language learning journey, then maybe I ought to work on my titles. Unfortunately, this article is all about the ridiculous, far-fetched, unbelievable sources in the world of language learning. We here at L-Lingo want you […]