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Month: November 2018

Language Learning Imaginary Friend Technique

The Imaginary Friend Technique – How To Learn A Language By Yourself

Remember when you were a child and you used to speak to shadows and invisible people? Nothing paranormal or anything, I’m merely referring to the person or thing other people called your imaginary friend. And the reason I say other people and not you is because you wouldn’t typically refer to someone as imaginary if […]

My Language Learning Journey – Kiandro Scavella

Hello! My name is Kiandro Scavella and I am a 21-year-old language enthusiast with the goal of becoming a polyglot. Part of this goal entails me discovering more about travel, culture, and languages respectively. I own a website dedicated to this cause and it took me a while, but I managed to coin-up the term […]

The Blabbering Technique

The Blabbering Technique – Learn A Language With Dialogues And Monologues

Have you ever been alone and start muttering random gibberish? It’s more common than you’d think actually. Look back on a time when you were left alone for a brief moment of time and started questioning things. Did you find that moment? Okay good, now imagine if you were to transform that moment into something […]

Creative Language Learning

Creative Language Learning Series Inside L-Lingo

Our Creative Language Learning techniques and tips will boost your language learning! If you’re tired of traditional methods like textbooks or flashcards now’s your chance to try something new, fresh, and exciting. You’ve probably never even heard of some of these methods, but that doesn’t mean these methods are not effective! This series will tap […]