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Month: January 2010

New Website Design

You may have noticed that we have redesigned our website. We wanted to have a lighter colored theme that would better match the look of our software. Since we have so many visitors from Germany, we now have a German Version of our website. If you have any comments on the new design or if […]

Audio clips with slower speech

If you think that the speech in the audio clips is too fast, you can now listen to them at a slower speed. In order to do so, click on the button in the main menu on the top right side: In this menu, you will be able to listen to the audio for all […]

Printable Textbook and Flashcards and other new Features

I have just put a new version of L-Lingo online. This version has many new features that Iā€™d like to introduce to you including printable documents, a new configuration for the picture quiz, a full screen mode, an additional lesson selector, and a reference to our desktop version. Printable Documents You can now display the […]