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Under development: PDF documents in L-Lingo

I am very busy redesigning the main menu to allow the display of documents. For each lesson, you will soon be able to see and print the following documents:

  • PDF Textbook
  • PDF Flashcards
  • PDF Grammar Notes

Many of you requested the grammar notes in particular, so I wanted to let you know that and we are in full swing preparing these grammar notes.

In order to display the PDF files, I came across a great piece of software called FlexPaper that I am just now integrating into L-Lingo. I am very thankful to Eric, who is the developer who is letting me use this great feature in L-Lingo.

If you haven’t yet experienced FlexPaper, please have a look at Eric’s Blog Devaldi which has a demonstration. The speed and fluidity of FlexPaper is just amazing!

Also, have a look below at a preview screen shot showing this exciting new function in L-Lingo. As we do not yet have the PDF notes complete, this screen shot comes from our development version; the FlexPaper feature has not yet gone live on L-Lingo.

L-Lingo and Flexpaper

One Response to Under development: PDF documents in L-Lingo

  1. Looks great! Good to see FlexPaper coming to use. I have published a new version of FlexPaper with search functionality which might be useful for your application

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