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Month: November 2009

Joker Button and Visual Effects – New Version Online –

Welcome to my newest online update! I’ve added a few new features and would like to tell you about them: Lesson 1 Lesson 1 is brand spanking new and contains some simple greeting phrases. Later on, I plan to separate the content into two areas: (1) Common phrases (similar to lesson 1) and (2) Lessons […]

Difference between L-Lingo and L-Ceps

A couple of people have asked, “What exactly is the difference between L-Lingo and the L-Ceps Desktop Language Learning Software?” The L-Ceps language learning software has been developed over many years and offers many features that are not available in L-Lingo: – It is a stand-alone Desktop Software, and thus, you do not need an […]

L-Lingo Mandarin updated

After getting a great deal of feedback on the Thai Version of L-Lingo, we have today updated and re-launched L-Lingo Mandarin. You can access it from this link: http://www.l-lingo.com/en/learn-chinese-mandarin The application will use the Standard Chinese font installed on your computer. We decided not to embed a Chinese font in the application. Because our application […]

L-Lingo is getting traction

We just released L-Lingo to the general public three days ago, and I am quite happy to see that we are already gaining traction as more and more people begin using our web application. We have noticed some interesting discussions going on in the Thaivisa forum where people complained about the buzz and wow sounds. Thanks […]

Please let us know your feedback

The current version of L-Lingo is still a ‘baby’ and will grow considerably in the next weeks and months. Therefore, you have great power in getting your ideas considered—but we have to hear from you. Please use the comment section of this post to let us know how you like the application and if there […]